Message from the CEO

Founder, President and CEO - Koji Aoki

RECLO was born from a desire to create a service that unites the world and has a positive impact. As part of the concept Refresh Your Closet!, our service aims to help people become better versions of themselves and to connect once-loved objects to those who will love them again. Modern technology and the Internet have made person-to-person transactions more common, and CtoC platforms have grown, but not all of these platforms are trustworthy. Participants still have to bear their own risks in many cases. Our business aims to increase happiness in the world by building a platform that offers security and creates new value. It is for this reason that maintaining a fair and transparent platform is essential for everyone. Each product has a unique story and value that we hope the next owner will cherish.

The appeal of RECLO is that customers can easily obtain valuable products on a safe and secure platform. This security is backed by Japan’s global reputation for strict quality assurance, summed by the phrase “Checked in Japan.” The resulting flow of goods means more products live a long, fully loved life.

As a global platform, maximizing corporate value and expanding business has always been our goal as a company. In order to be a place where customers and employees can realize their dreams, we strive to create a fair and transparent environment and provide ideal services suitable for the modern era. We are committed to providing optimal solutions for sellers, buyers, employees and other stakeholders as we grow our business the worldwide.

The word “kai” originally means partition or boundary. RECLO’s ideal business goal is to cross the boundaries of the world and develop a “worldwide” platform by creating a circular society.


Koji Aoki